Triathlon may be an individual sport but that doesn’t mean that training must be done individually.  Joining a triathlon squad and training with like-minded people will help make your triathlon journey a much more memorable experience.

  1. Train with a coach – a coach will help build a training plan, execute sessions and give feedback. All of this will help focus your sessions and ensure you are doing the correct training for your distance, ability and goals.
  2. Meeting other like-minded people – a triathlon squad can be a source of fit, healthy, happy people who enjoy socialising and exercising at the same time. A triathlon club will ensure there is always someone to train with and enjoy the sessions with.
  3. Structured sessions and clinics – all you have to do is turn up! You don’t have to think about what to do in the session, how long it will take, or how you will benefit from it.  Coming to a structured, coached session means someone else takes care of the planning for you.  Triathlon clubs also offer clinics and workshops which are an excellent source of education.
  4. Extra motivation for those early mornings – by telling a coach or squad member that you will be coming along to a training session will ensure you are held accountable and help motivate you to come to training sessions.
  5. You will never race alone – on race day you will always have someone with you on the start line, cheering for you during the race and high fiving you at the end.