Autumn has arrived and with it the darker mornings. It is so easy to stay in the warm bed and sleep.  So, we thought we would share 6 top tips to help get you to training during the colder and darker months!

How about some fun alarm labels to make you smile when the alarm sounds?!
  1. Get to bed early – The best way to ensure you will get out of bed in the morning is knowing you have had enough sleep.  Power down screens early, stretch, brush teeth, read a book, etc. Setting a good bedtime routine and going to bed early will ensure you wake up more easily.
  2. Set the alarm, but don’t hit snooze – the snooze button is only putting off the inevitable and can make you late.  Some people like to have the alarm away from their bed, however that might not be for everyone.  Splash some water on your face as soon as you can to help wake you up.
  3. Get ready the night before – prepack your swim/bike/run gear in the car and make sure your clothes are out and ready to put on.  Plus fill up a water bottle, have a snack ready and make sure your keys are handy!
  4. Let someone at training know you will be there.  When you know someone else is depending on you to be there you are less likely to let them down.
  5. Partner support – A friend told me the other day that she was going to skip a swim session because it was dark and raining.  She went to roll over and tell her husband, but he was already out of bed and had made her a coffee and encouraged her to go.  If your partner is an early bird, ask them to help ensure you stick to your morning training schedule. Side note – what a man!
  6. Remind yourself how great you will feel when you have finished – for most of us the early mornings are the only time when we can get our training in, so remind yourself of this and how stoked you will be after the session that you ticked it off and made time to improve your fitness, skills and taken a step closer to your goals. 

By Lisa Crowther