Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the impact on of our events and coaching business we have made the decision to relocate for work.  We have been offered a position in Ayr and have made a sudden move.   Jason will continue coaching via online programs, and we have been so grateful for the support from our online coaching community.  However, when outdoor group exercise reopens to 20 people (currently scheduled for June) Atlas will have some changes.

Ben Johnson will be taking a Saturday social cycle. This will be like the usual Saturday rides, but free to all Atlas members and program athletes.

Further details about how these will occur will be on online programs and via our enews’.

A huge thank you to Ben who has always been supportive of the Atlas Team.

Jason will be coming back to the Coast regularly and will join in sessions when home. We will also be returning for Xmas and will be offering the following for the Atlas Xmas Camp to Program Athlete’s:

·       Atlas Athletes who have been on program for a year – Atlas Camp for Free

·       Atlas Athletes who have been on program for 6 months – Atlas Camp for 50% off

·       Atlas Athletes who are on program– Atlas Camp 30% off

Those on 10-visit passes will be credited their remaining sessions and can use these as credit towards our events, camps or training programs.  Please email lisa@atlasmultisports.com.au with what you would like it credited to and we will make arrangements.

Jason will only be a phone call away is still committed to helping you achieve your personal goals and can’t wait until events are back and running so we can put all the hard work that you have been doing into your chosen races.

We thank you for your support.

Jason and Lisa Crowther