It’s the week of Mooloolaba Triathlon.  During taper week you may have a little spare time to get yourself organised for the big day.  Here are 10 things to remember this week:

  1. Check your start time
  2. Familiarise yourself with the course map – try to visualise as much as you can
  3. Check Transition open and close time – don’t be late!
  4. Check when registration time is and see if you can register early and rack your bike early to get the best spots!
  5. Ensure your tyres are not worn, or have any cuts, replace them if so.
  6. Check the weather/temp and ensure you have pre- and post-race clothing ready
  7. Put your elastic laces into your shoes
  8. Shop for pre-race food, plus eat the foods you normally do in the week leading up
  9. Keep well hydrated.
  10. Pack your tri bag and bike. See our Free Triathlon Packing Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything!

The hard work is done; it’s time to use race day as a celebration of all that training!