With the temperatures climbing to over 38 degrees here on the Sunshine Coast, we are feeling more like wilted flowers than strong, fit triathletes during training right now.  Try to implement these 5 tips for keeping you cooler during your training.

  • Train Early – We have altered our long bike time to start early so that we can be training in the cooler temperatures of the day. During summer it is a little easier to get out earlier; try to be back before 10am to avoid the most damaging heat of the day. The sun is up before 5am so rise with the sun!
  • Slip/Slop/Slap – be sure to wear a visor, light coloured running tee, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. There are loads of great sunscreens on the market now that you can apply in the morning and keep on for the day (without breaking out or having them run down your face!).  But don’t forget to reapply if you are training in the middle of the day or afternoon.
  • Find naturally shaded spots to run – head for off-road or find a good running path that is naturally shaded to keep you out of the sun (Mudjimba to Coolum is a good one!)
  • Drink water and electrolytes – be sure to always have a water bottle on hand during training with water and electrolytes (a good idea to bring two bottles) and sip frequently during the session. If you’re running with multiple bottles, don’t forget our blog article on picking the right hydration pack which makes it easier to carry fluids on hot days.
  • Limit your training on very hot days, or swap sessions around so that you are swimming only on the extremely hot days.