With 6 Hills of Buderim Atlas Xmas Cycle and Buderim 9 around the corner we thought we would share our top tips for cycling hills!

  1. Stay in the saddle for as long as you can. This will ensure your larger glute muscles are engaged for longer.
  2. Relax your upper body. Loosen your grip on the handlebars and keep your back and shoulders straight.
  3. Keep a steady pace.  Focus on steadily climbing the hill, accelerations will cause your heart rate to spike and will increase fatigue.
  4. Anticipate which gear you need to be in before it’s too late. Don’t leave it until you can’t pedal any longer before changing your gears, gradually make the gears easier as you move up the hill.  This will also avoid anyone running into the back of you if you stop suddenly.
  5. Focus on the person in front and try to stay with them. Staying with another person or the group helps keep your motivation to climb the hill more quickly.
  6. Continue pushing over the hill. Don’t stop just before the top of the hill, push over the top to build momentum on the downhill or flats.
  7. When descending go down to your drops so that your centre of gravity is closer to the ground and your weight is more evenly distributed between the front and back wheels.
  8. Look ahead. Scan for any rocks/glass/sticks, particularly when descending.
  9. Ensure your bike is serviced and maintained. This will avoid gears dropping going up the hill.
  10. Practice, practice, practice! The only way to become more confident on the hills is to practice on them!  Practice as often as you can, keeping in mind you will need time to recover after a hard hill session.

And don’t forget to…
Enjoy the view at the top!  Hill cycling is most definitely worth it when you get to the top!