While running or riding with headphones isn’t for everyone (and we don’t advocate riding on the road with headphones for safety reasons), for those long solo slogs, being able to pop on a podcast and educate yourself while you train, or purely enjoy a little chilled distraction, can be a great option.

Here are a few of our top picks – these can all be found on your choice of podcast app or online:

The Fat Black Podcast

Hosted by Aussie triathlete and endurance athlete, Kristian Manietta (out of his home in BC, Canada), this podcast touches on all sorts of triathlon and endurance related topics from training to nutrition, to interviews with a range of triathletes and coaches.

UltraRunner Podcast aka URP

Thinking of venturing into ultra distance territory or trail running, or just keen to hear the stories of those who do? Eric Schranz created this podcast for people passionate about mountain/ultra/trail running and features one on one interviews with a whole host of incredible runners, along with some gear reviews and beer talk – everything in moderation hey.

The Hidden Athlete Podcast

Hosted by Aussie based Ross Burrage, The Hidden Athlete Podcast delves into the lives of the humble elite endurance athlete who has achieved incredible things with little or no public recognition. Down to earth one on one interviews with some incredible endurance athletes from Australia and across the world, and episodes ranging from twenty minute clips up to 3 hour 30 stints means you’re covered for any length of training session.

How I built This with Guy Raz

Not sport related – but the best life changing ideas come on long runs and rides don’t they? How I Built This With Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. Guy Raz interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and gives you a great look into how some of the biggest brands started out. It’s a great listen if you’re into entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas!