As the weather warms up more people will endeavour to share a lane with you either at squad or when you choose to do your own session. There are rules that apply in the pool for lane swimming.  These rules aren’t generally published and are not common knowledge to the new squad members. Some common rules to abide by if you want to get the most out of your session and to stay on the “good side” of fellow swimmers include:

Share a lane with swimmers of similar ability:

Scan the lane for swimmers who appear comparable to your skill level.  Some pools have self-seeded lanes rated for slow, medium and fast swimmers.  Introduce yourself and join in a specific lane. If joining a coached session go in knowing your comfortable pace for 100m.

Circle swim:

Swim on the left side of the lane (in both directions) between the lane rope and the black line.  Don’t be a lane hog!

Check for oncoming traffic:

Push off the wall when there are no swimmers about to turn and push off.  Allow people in mid-swim to turn and give them a comfortable distance before you start.

On someone’s feet:

One polite tap on the foot of a swimmer in front means the rear swimmer would like to pass. The leading swimmer has the option to continue swimming by moving closer to the lane rope or stopping at the wall to allow the pass to occur.  The passing swimmer should do so quickly along the centre line being aware of oncoming swimmers.

Rest out of the way:

Move to one side of the lane to give the turning swimmers enough space to complete their turn without bumping you. This allows other swimmers to tap the wall at the completion of 50m.

Happy swimming!

Tips taken from an information article by Ann Campbell