This is why we do what we do…

I began training with Atlas Multisports over two years ago.  I nervously started off as a total beginner with the goal of completing the Hervey Bay 100 in 2017.  I had such a great race and enjoyed the whole experience so much that I’ve continued to train with Atlas since then.  I love the fact that my training program is tailored to suit my busy family and work schedule and also includes squad sessions with Atlas.  Within the squad I’ve made the most amazing friendships.  Jason has helped me achieve results that I would never have thought possible for myself, including qualifying for the 70.3 World Championship in Taupo 2020.  I’ve also had great results within my age group at all of my races this year.  Next year I’m set to tackle my first full IM in Port Macquarie along with Taupo 70.3 and I know that I’ve got the best guidance and support to get me there.  Thanks so much to Jason, Lisa and the whole Atlas team. – Helen

I joined the Atlas Multisports team in August 2018 to help improve my training outcomes for Ironman, with a long-term goal of qualifying for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Coach Jason tailored a training plan to align with my work and family life and offered one-on-one advice, feedback and group training opportunities with like-minded triathletes. I have made many new friends through Atlas Multisports and it’s great to see all team members supporting each other during training and on race days. A major benefit of Atlas Multisports training is offering group training sessions up to 6 days per week. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to grab a coffee and catch up with other team members after training sessions. The club is family-friendly and my 10 year-old son is now also a member and sometimes joins dad to run and swim with the squad.  He feels like he is part of the team and it’s a great boost to his self-esteem and physical fitness. For me personally, coach Jason has been instrumental in assisting me to improve my physical and mental strength and self-confidence. I recently achieved a 41-minute personal best time at the Half Ironman distance at Sunshine Coast 70.3. I can highly recommend joining Atlas Multisports to new triathletes or anyone wanting to improve and make new friends. – Alex

Atlas Multisports Coaching makes it easy – they hold swimming, cycling and running squad sessions weekly.  For over 3 years now I have had a personalised program written for me.  It takes the guesswork out of training.   Jason writes my program with my events and goals in mind. In recent years my kids have joined the squad firstly by swimming and then running and more recently cycling.  We all enjoy the friendship and inclusiveness not only of the coaches but the whole squad.  Jason and Lisa from Atlas Multisports are decent, hardworking, family orientated people.  The coaching staff are hand-picked, capable and extremely approachable.  I have no doubt that our family is physically and mentally healthier for associating ourselves with Atlas Multisports and training with the Atlas Team. – Susan

I joined Atlas Multisports over 9 years ago as an unfit almost 50 year old who decided triathlon might be fun, never having done anything like that before. I was very self conscious at the time thinking everyone would laugh at me.  Right from the beginning Jason and Lisa have never been anything other than supportive. Through Atlas I have met a wonderful group of people of all ages (teenagers to 60+) and abilities (not many as slow as me). Without exception everyone I have met through atlas over the years have just been happy to support each other and be proud of each other’s achievements, no matter how big or small. In the 9 years, with Jason as my ever patient coach, I have gone from not being able to run 500 metres to doing Olympic triathlon, 1/2 Ironman, marathon  and Ironman. I even got to go to ‘worlds’ in Austria. More importantly I have made lifelong friends. Jason, Lisa and all the gang at Atlas are now part of my life. If you are a professional triathlete, an age grouper, or a ‘want to be’ triathlete, or if you just want to keep fit and meet amazing people, you won’t regret joining Atlas. – Brenda

Myself and a few mates stupidly made a drunken bet to complete an Ironman by May 2020 (bet was made Jan 2019). Having never ridden a road bike or swum longer than 1 km without resting before, I realised I had no clue what I was doing. As I am not one to back down from a bet, I figured I had better search for a coach.  I came across Atlas Multisports and from day 1 of meeting Coach Jason and his wife Lisa, they have been nothing but very friendly and supportive. Not only did they make me feel very welcome but the rest of the team who also train with Atlas made me feel very much part of the team also.  Atlas creates a fun environment for training. No matter what age or level of fitness you are, the coaches cater for everyone and for whatever goals you want to achieve. Whether it be just to get fitter or entering your first short course triathlon to an elite level of Ultraman, they can do it.  I never thought I’d enjoy drinking coffee in lycra but the team is very social and this happens most mornings now.  I highly recommend Atlas to anyone who is looking to get into this sport.  – Eddie

I have been with Atlas for more than 4 years and have always received professional training programs and advice which pushed me to my best potential and allowed me  to achieve my goals. Apart from that I am so extremely grateful to the bunch of people who are Atlas, they are not only coaches, training buddies and travel partners to far away races, they are also my family here in Australia who you can count on , even when you are injured and can’t train and race. In good times as in bad times 😊 – Inna