Here are a few tips to help make your spectating mornings a little easier! 

  1. Pack healthy snacks – plenty of them! Not just for the kids, but also yourself. You may be standing on your feet and walking or even waiting for quite some time and the food lines are often long, so you are better off bringing your own. It is always a good idea to spot the coffee cart early!
  2. Show your enthusiasm. Even when your athlete (s) are hurting or having an awful day it is important to take photos/smile/cheer loudly/encourage/wave/clap/high five. It gives them the extra boost they need to get through the tough spot in the race.
  3. Find a good spot for the kids to play whilst they are out on the bike leg. Thankfully triathlons are always held near the beach or other body of water. This helps keep the kids entertained, so be sure to pack the bucket, spade and other beach gear!
  4. Backpacks are key – try to pack all your gear into a backpack, it is much easier to walk with then trying to get through big crowds with a large bag on your shoulder. Get ready to have to carry a second backpack (your athlete’s), their bike pump, discarded waterbottle, etc. They are sore and tired after a race and it helps if you can help carry a lot of the gear.  Don’t forget to pack a hat, sunscreen and sunnies for yourself.
  5. Get a breakdown of their most likely splits – then you know when to be at the swim exit, bike course and finish line. The live tracking apps are great, but they are not perfect, so you are better off knowing their times from them. It will help you know when and where you need to be throughout the morning, and save you standing there for ages just waiting!
  6. Know your athletes’ number, what they are wearing, bike and helmet colour – this will help locate your athlete in a big crowd.
  7. Know the course in advance, at least where you might locate yourself. Ideally your club has a tent in the club tent area, which makes the morning much more fun and social.
  8. Arrive with plenty of time. Don’t be the one your athlete is waiting for to get out of the door. The toilet queues can be very long, and they are already nervous enough! Being late won’t help that.
  9. Bring colouring books/toys/electronics for the kids. Honestly whatever is necessary to keep them entertained during the race
  10. Get inspired! Watch the other athletes and get inspired from each one of them to complete a triathlon!